Friday, December 08, 2006


i walked into a dark room
i couldn't tell if i was supposed to be in here
or not

i walked out
i walked into another room and
i watched the end credits of a film
that was 85 minutes long

i went back into the dark room
the door was open and it
said exhibition continues on it.
so there had to be something in there to see

i looked around
my eyes adjusted to the darkness
i could see better
a button that said press to start

i pressed the button and the projector
it showed a film of a sunset over the ocean

the film wasn't adjusted properly on the
projector so the two inches of the
bottom of the image
was on the top

should i adjust it for them?

i watched the sun melt into the ocean

when the sun was about two-thirds of the way
into the ocean

the projector started rattling?
i hope i didn't fuck it up.
should i tell someone?
i swear i didn't touch anything
except the button that said
press to start.

the sun continues
to find its way into the ocean
and the projector rattles a few
more times

the cd is skipping on my
cd player as i write this

i watched the sun melt into the ocean

there was another room next to this one
with a video playing.

more sunsets, but this one had
people in it
in between scenes there
was the equivalent to film rattling
on video
black and white dots

i walked into a chain looking for another room
i went back upstairs

i thought about
i watched


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