Saturday, May 20, 2006

A few weeks ago...

i went to the opening of this show.

here are the pictures I took (these photos in no way do the painting justice as they should be seen in person...always...)

these pieces have transparent layers of paint which create a illusion of depth as the trees seem to float in front of the endless sky. the image of the sun was actually part of the painting and not the flash of the camera due to my poor photo taking abilities.

some of them were hung in rows as pictured above. the show also displayed photographs that were based on the Beaufort Scale which is described further in the link. (click on the image)

i know that posting on here has been a little weak lately as aL has been busy as hell and i hopefully will start showing some work that is a little more challenging and disorienting to your previous notions of a r t.

because thats what i like to do.


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