Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Piece of the week parts 2 & 3

last week I was out of town and really didn't feel like blogging so i told my robot friend to maintain for me and he/she/it didn't even touch this one and so now i have to make it up with this weeks installment of piece of the week and i'm telling you its a doozey as ive been saving this one for a while...

Alexander Kosolapov
My blood, 2001
Acrylic, canvas. 37,34x70 inches

this russian artist pissed off alot of people with his work, especially the religious
his work has been destoyed by fanatics and had had lawsuits against his blasphemous
subject matter

i think the artist is fully aware of his ability to offend and
it is clearly his intention to arouse such irrational behavior

although this next image is not art it is comparable as it points out the serious contradictions in
our culture

is this not offensive as this peice of crap billboard is huge, raised up 200 feet in the air for everyone to see


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Man you need to post some new pictures.

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