Wednesday, April 11, 2007


this is a tribute

misunderstood or perhaps not.

a successful artist but more importantly an influential thinker.

he made the predictable mysterious.

geometry accentuating the nature of physical form.

right angles and simple structures were tributes to the advancements of thought
that become more complex the longer you stood before them.

nerd glorification if you will.

he was a genius of our time, if not before our time.


Thursday, March 01, 2007

modern art

a link to the past
is that what we seek?
in these galleries
these spaces

is that thing hanging on the wall
crucial to where we are now
did it create room
space for us to do what we do?

was that a place we would have been
had we been there?

can we see these the same way they did?

is our present vision capable
of seeing the past for how it
really was?

is this art or merely artifact?

certainly the presence of mystification had to be
there when it was created, otherwise it would not
be here, amongst names and objects i know and recognize

i took this photo and asked myself these questions
instead of making a note of the name of the artist

shame on me.

Friday, December 08, 2006


i walked into a dark room
i couldn't tell if i was supposed to be in here
or not

i walked out
i walked into another room and
i watched the end credits of a film
that was 85 minutes long

i went back into the dark room
the door was open and it
said exhibition continues on it.
so there had to be something in there to see

i looked around
my eyes adjusted to the darkness
i could see better
a button that said press to start

i pressed the button and the projector
it showed a film of a sunset over the ocean

the film wasn't adjusted properly on the
projector so the two inches of the
bottom of the image
was on the top

should i adjust it for them?

i watched the sun melt into the ocean

when the sun was about two-thirds of the way
into the ocean

the projector started rattling?
i hope i didn't fuck it up.
should i tell someone?
i swear i didn't touch anything
except the button that said
press to start.

the sun continues
to find its way into the ocean
and the projector rattles a few
more times

the cd is skipping on my
cd player as i write this

i watched the sun melt into the ocean

there was another room next to this one
with a video playing.

more sunsets, but this one had
people in it
in between scenes there
was the equivalent to film rattling
on video
black and white dots

i walked into a chain looking for another room
i went back upstairs

i thought about
i watched